Lotus, Obsidian Black

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The Lotus is a total revolution in plugging.

The new aggressively modeled Lotus is deceptively easy to ride and hold. This carved, sweeping knot-plug is accented by a sensuously textured backside that makes grinding the Lotus into you an other worldly experience. Once it locks in, you'll immediately notice how its shallower profile lets it nestle in and stretch your hole wide open without driving too deep. This makes the Lotus extra comfortable for long-term wear, and perfect for more active plugging like at the gym or on a bike. You'll never want to take it out.

But Lotus doesn't stop there. We're all here to train our holes, so Lotus gives you multiple ways to do it. Once it's fully knotted, you can rock your hole over its textured backside for a more gradual stretch that really emphasizes the slow, focused feeling of your hole stretching out, or you can tackle its pronounced front ridge and really wreck your lips with an aggressive *pop* on each rep. Once you're all warmed up, rapidly knot-fuckin yourself with all of Lotus' mass will send you over the edge before you even knew what hit you. Whether you spin, twist, bounce, or grind on Lotus, you'll see why this toy is a must-have for every hungry hole.

Dimensions Lotus 80 Lotus 100 Lotus 120
Max Circumference 20.3cm / 8" 25.4cm / 10" 30.5cm / 12"
Max Diameter 6.5cm / 2.5" 8.1cm / 3.2" / 3.8"
Neck Circumference 14cm / 5.5" 17.1cm / 6.75" 20.3cm / 8"
Neck Diameter 4.5cm / 1.75" 5.3cm / 2.1" 6.4cm / 2.5"
Insertable 11.4cm / 4.5" / 5" 15.2cm / 6"

Code: 785-23C-Q33

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