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Giddy-up, buttercup. Pegasus is in one hell of a rutting mood, and you're the nearest mare available. 

Lose yourself in everything this hefty stallion has to offer. First, Pegasus' broad head pops you open with no mercy, pushing past your rings with force. Then its 12" long shaft and thick medial ring will grind your hole open and hollow you out completely with every deep thrust, absolutely perfect for pegging. That increase in girth to 10.5" is absolutely mindblowing, taking you by surprise every time you take it. It's the equine fantasy toy your hole has been begging for.

Whether as a strap-on or hooked up to a Vac-U-Lock fuck machine, this stallion will take you for the ride of your life.

inches cm
Max circumference 10.5 26.7
Max diameter 3.3 8.4
Head circumference 8 20.3
Head diameter 2.5 6.4
Insertable 12 30.4

Code: 496-22E-X96

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