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Mega Monster Egg

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Responding to the growing crescendo of calls for a Bigger Monster Egg Plug, SquarePegToys have created not one bigger Monster, but two! Hoping to buy some time before calls for bigger begin to build again. These were both crafted by hand in clay as individual toys unto themselves.

The Monster’s most common feedback was that it was just tall enough it was hitting the second ring too forcefully on some, so you’ll see these 2 Mega Monsters were sculpted to be shorter, but these are still big. Do not let your eyes fool your stomach. 

Note that the proportions had to shift at this scale, partly a function of having to be able to get it out of the mold without too much fuss, but also taking into consideration what’s going on anatomically at these advanced levels of play. 


MEGA MONSTER #1 Height 7.1" • Circ Max 12.5"• Min at Neck 9.3" Height 18cm • Circ Max 32cm• Min at Neck 23.5cm
MEGA MONSTER #2 Height 7.1" • Circ Max 13.3"• Min at Neck 10.2" Height 18cm • Circ Max 33.5cm• Min at Neck 26cm

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