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Firmer Black
Super Soft Graphite

Another from SquarePegToys® Original 8.

This model came from requests for a toy that could act specifically as a training device to take a hand and has been well received as such.

The three sculpted fingers at top are life sized and mimic the sensation of an outstretched hand inside. Learning to enjoy and work through feelings of pressure deep inside can be a major hurdle for many.

The three humps allow direct feedback on progress as you’ll know exactly how far you’ve gone.

The cross-section was made in an oval to offer the best fit and should be used as if the hand were sideways. Shown here with the wide side showing. I equate the feeling of this one to a medium hand.


  • Height 7.5" / 19cm
  • Circ hump 1: 8"/ 20cm
  • hump 2: 10" / 25.5cm
  • hump 3: 11" / 28cm


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