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May 2023, slight adjustments further improving upon this very popular design. The curved Charlie Horse base and the 2 prongs at the bottom rung have come back on this 3rd version, while still preserving the lip to prevent lube leakage and keep the plug in place.

Mega Milk’it carries the designation S6 in the S-Series

Mega Milk’it is a girthy plug smooth on one side, but highly textured on the other.

Can be worn both directions: texture forward for more focused prostate stimulation, or rearward for a full feeling with gentle pressure to the prostate.

The nodules focus the pressure being applied by the opposite wall of the rectum into just a few points.

At this size and the texture, the Mega Milk’it can be a little interesting getting in and out so being opened up with another toy first is a good idea.

The circumference noted is that of the widest part of each toy.


  • Height 5 1/2"
  • Max Circ 7"

Code: P-7080

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