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In November 2021, Realistics now have higher polished surfaces to reduce friction and make clean up an easier thing, so some of the detailing of the original casts have been smoothed out and glans is polished. This is an entirely new toy and sizing may have changed slightly from the first generation.

The toy is an exact replica in every detail with him about 80% erect I would guess. It’s not an easy thing staying hard in a cool gelatinous medium but I did my part to help. There is a smooth spot near the base were the mold got damaged, and his cock was so beautifully veiny (something that large needs a lot of blood) that I actually had to sand them down a bit. In real life veins collapse, but in silicone they add way too much texture to feel real. He is also uncut, so I needed to fill in the area just behind the glans for production purposes.

The new SquarePegHole™ is a unique universal socket that grips onto most peg type devices on the market, complementing the unmatched realism of SquarePegToy’s® proprietary SuperSoft silicone, to allow for a truly intimate play experience.



Height 8.7"/ 21cm

Circumference Head 6.6"/ 16.5cm  (Max 7.1"/ 18 cm about 3"/ 7cm down from tip)


Height 8.5"/ 21cm

Circumference Head 7"/ 18cm  (Max 7.6"/19.5 cm about 3"/ 7cm down from tip)

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