Charlie Horse Wiggly - Bronze

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Delightfully unique shapes for long-term wear

Made by Square Peg in the US, this toys is designed especially for guys who want something that can be worn for extended periods and will react to the motions created by walking or clenching the butt.

The Wiggly has a long bendy shape and a pronounced flange to help keep it in place. Walk arround with this long plug in you and feel the effects of it moving inside you. The anvil base curves up naturally to hug either side of your hole it also makes a great handle. The circumference noted is that of the widest part of each toy. Made from body safe medical grade silicone.

  • Specialties: Plug
  • Level: Beginner, Moderate
  • Available in: Supersoft Bronze
  • Dimensions: Length 9" • Circ 5 1/2"


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