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PTFE Aquaflate Urinary Male Balloon Catheter, Latex

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FG14 4.7mm
FG12 4.2mm
FG16 5.3mm
FG18 6.0mm
FG20 6.7mm
FG22 7.3mm

Single Foley balloon catheter in sealed sterile packaging, including one saline syringe for balloon.

Caution: Use of this product without experience can lead to medical complications. Always use sterile lubricants.

  • PTFE coated natural latex compound for a smooth surface
  • for short- and medium-term use up to 28 days
  • flexible material for high wearing comfort
  • constant efficient drainage due to large eyes and drainage lumen
  • with softly rounded cylindrical tip and smooth catheter eyes for a gentle insertion
  • valve for safe connection to a Luer or a Luer-lock syringe tip
  • colour-coded sleeve around the valve for reliable size identification
  • with prefilled syringe with 10 ml sterile water for balloon inflation
  • additional empty syringe in sterile packaging for deflation of the balloon of the previous catheter
  • sterile
  • single use

Please note: This product is not intended for the diagnosis, cure, mitigation, treatment or prevention of any disease. It is not a dietary supplement, it is not a drug, and should not be used for any medical purposes.

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