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Stainless Steel Ice Lock

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If you're into time release bondage then the Ice Lock is about to become your new best friend. Or enemy.

Perfect for self bondage - the concept is simple but the implications are vast. To use you'll need to fill the metal cylinder with water, put the removable center stick in place and leave in the freezer for 24 hours. The stick and it's attached ring will now be locked firmly in place until the ice melts. This gives plenty of time to attach to an anchor point and padlock to whatever set up you an imagine. Keys out of reach of course.

Being at the mercy of such a simple device is totally frustrating. Don't say we didn't warn you!

Once out of the freezer, the melting time will depend on how much you struggle and the ambient room temperature. For the Large Lock this could be between 2 - 3 hours and for the Small Lock 1 - 2 hours. We suggest you test it first, for your own piece of mind.

Made from Stainless Steel, both Ice Locks feature fixed attachment rings. Holes in the center sticks help keep them locked in place when frozen.

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