Huberd's Leather Dressing

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Get that thirsty unloved leather gear out from the back of the wardrobe and rejuvenate with HUBERD's Leather Dressing.

‌Originally developed to carry beeswax deep into saddles, harness, and packs we've found it to be the perfect oil for conditioning leather and leaving a natural look and feel.

Leather Dressing resists drying caused by arid climates and keeps leather soft and pliable. It replaces oils lost through hard use and repeated wetting and drying cycles. This is the secret to extending the life of leather gear.

  • ‌Leather dressing formulated with natural compounds of neat's-foot oil and beeswax
  • Will soften, restore and preserve saddles, straps, harness and other smooth leather items
  • Prevents drying out of leather in all climates, mildly waterproofing
  • Does not seal like a water proofer so leather remains breathable
  • Not recommended for suede or white leather

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