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Bishop Head Harness

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It feels incredible when all the straps are tightened and the gag is stuffed and locked in place! Vision really is restricted with no chance to peak. Once it’s adjusted size, it’s quick to get on and off with just a few straps undone. The velcro to quickly get it fixed in place is really handy too.

The Bishop Head Harness from Mr S Leather impressed us so much that we really needed to stock it.

This great fitting, high quality head harness wraps around your head comfortably whilst feeling tight and secure and the detachable sections make this the ultimate versatile bit of head gear.
Pete, Ecommerce Director


  • Constructed out of soft garment leather with a mouth opening.
  • Six buckling straps, two of which close around the back of the neck, secure the harness firmly to the head.
  • The Bishop Head Harness has a snap-on blindfold and a separate Strap & Buckle Gag for more versatility.
  • The entire gag and connecting buckles snap easily off the head piece when not in use.
  • Extended wear is not a problem with the open nose design, and the three 'D' rings on the neck collar make perfect attachment points for ropes or clips.
  • Can be used with the Blindfold cover that covers with this muzzle OR you can use one of your own elastic strap blindfolds instead, for an even tighter fit.

Bishop Muzzle. Comfortable, versatile, and good looking.


  • Detachable eye cover
  • Pecker gag insert
  • Flat leather mouth cover.

Code: P-7302

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