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Straight from the US, the "COCK T feels and fits so good. Made of a new type of Silicone with more stretch, more squish?it wraps around your cock & balls like it is part of you making this one a truly long-wear ring.

It feels like flesh because the silicone was designed to mimic flesh. It?s warm on your junk and fits so well you will forget you have it on, your hard dick won?t though.

Simple is better,?COCK T is just the right thickness, the perfect width, but not bulky so it stays in place. Made from silicone that is pure so no fillers, no blends, just 100% platinum silicone.

The standard size COCK-T is a tight fit, perfect size for most guys.

Made by?OXBALLS™ in the USA?and designed by the?Aromic?Jock brand

Pure Platinum Cure?SOFFLEX?Silicone
Lube safe:? water-base, oil base, water/silicone hybrid, silicone lubes
Cleaning:? detergent and hot water, dishwasher, or soak in bleach-water solution


Inside Diameter: 1.1/4? or?32mm
Height: ?? or?19mm
Outside Diameter: 2.1/4? or?57cm

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