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World's Most Comfortable Butt Plug, Silicone

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‌One of our most popular plugs is now available in a soft, silicone version. If you have not tried it yet, the clue's in the name. Staff tried-and-tested so you can be sure you're getting a lot of bang for your buck.

  • Weighted steel plug, covered in soft, smooth silicone
  • Same shape as the original Mr S. Leather best-seller since 1997
  • Slanted shape slides easily through your hole
  • A selection of sizes, from S to XXL
  • Gives a satisfying, full feeling when fully in
  • Flexible neck keeps it in place and prevents irritating any sensitive spots
  • This plug is perfect for preparing your hole for anal sex
  • Gives your anal muscles a good workout


Size Length Circumference Diameter Weight
S 6.4cm 10.2cm 3.2cm 124g
M 7.6cm 12.1cm 3.8cm 240g
L 8.9cm 14cm 4.5cm 277g
XL 10.2cm 15cm 5.1cm 408g
XXL 15cm 18cm 6cm 635g

Code: P03313

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