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Magna-Chute, Magnetic Ball Stretcher, Black

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30mm x 35mm
45mm x 35mm
60mm x 35mm

This heavy-duty stainless steel ball black powder painted stretcher allows gravity to take its toll!

The two magnetic pieces wrap around your scrotum to securely clamp together.

Take care to keep your delicate flesh from pinching between them, then enjoy the tantalizing tug.

The parachute-style shape of the stretcher is narrower at the top where is encircles your sack, and wider around where it sits heavily on your balls.

Wear the Magna-Chute while you're jacking off, in chastity, fucking or getting fucked.

H: 30mm x Internal Dimeter: 35mm
Weight: 400g

H: 45mm x Internal Dimeter: 35mm
Weight: 575g

H: 60mm x Internal Dimeter: 35mm
Weight: 815g

Code: P03604

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