Heavy Leather Hogtie Set

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This heavy padded leather cuff set quickly binds your sub in an incapacitating and exposed hogtie.

Fixed thigh to ankle binders make for a quick and strong kneeling restraint. You can easily restrain the arms too when you add the detachable wrist cuffs; these are secured through a flat loop to minimise any wiggle room. The arms are pinned to the side of the body which means the position is comfortable even when lying on your back.

‌Fully lockable with locking posts on all cuffs.

To complete the hogtie, the included elbow binder can be added to fully tighten the position.

When complete, the position can be used keeling up, on the back, or flat forward.

There are 7 optional padlock points to deter fiddling fingers and heavy padding on every cuff.


  • Tough leather strapping
  • Soft lamb leather padding
  • Buckle fastening & Lockable


  • Padded Thigh to Ankle Cuffs
  • Detachable Wrist Cuffs
  • Elbow / Arm Strap

Code: LC66

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