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‌Popular withguys with the aim of a larger cock and longer-lasting erections. The larger size is not permanent but this cock pump can help to temporarily increase the size of your penis and increase the sensitivity of the penis for harder and longer-lasting erections. Helping to increase the size of your cock over a long period of time by stretching the skin and allowing more blood to flow into your cock.

Using a penis pump is very easy. Your cock fits into the cylinder that is attached by hose to a vacuum pump. The pump sucks air out of the cylinder. As the vacuum is created, your cock is pulled into the cylinder stretching the skin and allowing more blood into the penis helping to make your cock larger with a harder and stronger erection.

The cylinders can be used with other pumps such as the brass hand pump for example as the cylinder and tube connections are standardized. Additional cylinders can be purchased as your requirements change.

Medium - 2.0"
Large - 2.25"
X-Large - 2.50"
XX-Large - 2.75"
XXX-Large - 3"

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