Bad Dragon

Austin the Fox

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Perfectly proportioned with just the right amount of texture, Austin will slyly work his way into your favorites in no time.
Known for his cunning wiles, Austin will entice you with his rounded tip and gentle ripples. Just when you think it can’t get any more fun, you’ll meet his knot—this challenging feature will certainly test your agility, but conquer it and you’re in for one wild ride.
Once deep inside, let yourself hold on tight while you feel its fullness deep within.
Perfect for beginners through to more experienced users, Austin makes for a great addition to your collection.
Firmness Number 5 / Medium (see guide). It is the middle ground of bad dragon firmness options. It's somewhat more difficult to compress than 3 firmness, but does not bend as much on its own. Some models will still have difficulty standing on their own (due to top-heaviness) but most are more stable than in Soft firmness.


Dimensions S M L XL
Circumference of head 4" 4.75" 6" 7"
Circumference of knot 6.25" 7.43" 9.45" 11.25"
Circumference of Shaft 4.5" 5.25" 6.75" 7.85"
Diameter of head 1.35" 1.52" 1.92" 2.3"
Diameter of knot 2.17" 2.52" 3.21" 3.73"
Diameter of shaft 1.56" 1.78" 2.27" 2.74"
Total length 7.5" 9" 11.5" 13.5"
Usable length 6.25" 7.57" 9.5" 11.25"

Code: 227-22E-U75

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