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Ever wanted something just a little bit... extra? You know, just one more bite of ice cream, one more wave at the beach, or one more moment of pleasure during an amazing date? Even some of our lineup isn't quite enough... and that's why they've added just a little bit extra to the Were-Able Magnus Sheath!

Two sizes are available to accommodate a variety of users. Both sizes feature our redesigned ballstrap, tailored to the Magnus Sheath's visual design. And they've kept the same knot and veined texture you know and love! It's made out of the same high-quality materials you're familiar with from Bad Dragon®.|

If you want to add a little extra pizazz to your toy box, this just might be that little bit extra you've been craving!

Firmness: Soft - 3 firmness. It is the most yielding firmness Bad Dragon have available for dildos and sheaths. It compresses and bends very easily. Some models such as Chance will have difficulty remaining upright on their own in this firmness.

Dimensions Small Medium
External Circumference of Knot (inches) 5.5 6.5
External Circumference of Opening (inches) 4.5 5.25
External Circumference of Shaft (inches) 4.67 5.5
External Diameter of Knot (inches) 1.75 2.05
External Diameter of Opening (inches) 1.43 1.66
External Diameter of Shaft (inches) 1.55 1.7
External Total Length (inches) 5.5 7
External Usable Length (inches) 4.3 5.45
Internal Circumference of Shaft (inches) 3.25 3.75
Internal Diameter of Shaft (inches) 1 1.25
Internal Total/Usable Length (inches) 4.15 5.5

Code: 642-22J-W93

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