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Flint Sheath

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Introducing the Flint Sheath! This Bad Dragon Wereable offers the fantastic girth and textures you would find on our Flint dildo and can be used on male genitalia, other Bad Dragon products, or anything else you may have the need to enhance! The Flint Sheath not only has textures on the outside but also comes packed with internal textures and an open tip as well in order to provide stimulation on both ends. Finally, the Flint Sheath offers a unique ball strap in order to keep the Wereable fitted perfectly on anything that has balls. Ever want to feel more like an uncut studded dragon? Slip on something new and get your Flint Sheath today.

Firmness: Soft - 3 firmness. It is the most yielding firmness Bad Dragon have available for dildos and sheaths. It compresses and bends very easily. Some models such as Chance will have difficulty remaining upright on their own in this firmness.

Dimensions Small Medium Large
External Circumference of Thickest (inches) 6.1 6.25 6.25
External Circumference of Thinnest (inches) 4.5 4.75 5
External Diameter of Thickest (inches) 2.1 2.11 2.17
External Diameter of Thinnest (inches) 1.63 1.72 1.72
External Total Length (inches) 6.06 7 7.5
External Usable Length (inches) 4.5 5.25 6
Internal Circumference of Shaft (inches) 2.75 2.75 2.75
Internal Diameter of Shaft (inches) 0.98 0.98 0.98
Internal Usable Length (inches) 4 5.3 6.5

Code: 256-22J-V72

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