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Mouth Bound Ball Gag, Black

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This ball gag assembly is adjustable, designed to hold the gag tightly in place with elegant style. Just twist the thumb screws on the sides to slide the bar supporting the gag into place, and then tighten them to clamp it into place. The bar curves around the back of the neck and is made of smooth seamless stainless steel. The gag is odorless and tasteless and sized for maximum restriction while staying comfortable.

• Brutal with a touch of elegance, this stainless steel gag is the perfect addition to your dungeon.
• Forces the wearers mouth open and reduces them to a drooling sub.
• Screws on each side let you adjust the position of the bar to your satisfaction.
• Excess room on the bars protduce an erotic and enticing look.

The size of the oval ball is 42.5 mm.

[Code: 982-22A-W77]

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