Oxballs Cocksling 2, Night Edition

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Best-selling original Oxballs sling.

New from Oxballs is the Night edition gear in velvety silicone finish PLUS+silicone™ blend, strong TPR for amazing stretch plus silky silicone for a rubbery stretchy warm feel.

The best Oxballs designs in a sexy group of gear, each one a favourite with designs that fit all fetis, cockrings and ballstretchers to slings, multipacks and the veiny sling based Adjust fit Muscle cocksheath, all in new red/black packaging designed to get seen.

All night edition products come in Night black colour, Oxballs deep dull-finish black that feels smooth and silky, no grippy plasticky feel, it glides on, like vintage black latex. Night black looks rich and lush and dark, perfect for late night fun.

Code: 953-22B-G28

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