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Slut Bitch, Temporary Tattoo

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Not everyone knows what a slut you are right away, so until you show them through your actions, you can let them know with the temporary Slut tattoo! Wear it with pride and let everyone see what kind of slut you really are…they sluttiest kind. Ask your Master to apply the Bitch tattoo to your body so that everyone will know that you are their Bitch and no one else’s. Or just be everyone’s Bitch and that’s fun too! Be extra slutty and wear both, because let's be honest, you probably are both.

You can cut the BITCH and SLUT portions to make two unique tattoos, for two different events.

This temporary tattoo is easy to apply. Simply use a damp cloth to press down on the paper with the tattoo ink on your skin. Hold for 30 seconds and remove the paper to discover your fresh, temporary tattoo.

The temporary tattoo will wash off after about a week, but to remove it sooner use acetone (nail polish remover) or rub with oil.

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