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3-piece Anal Trainer Butt Plug Set

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  • 3-piece butt plug set with different sizes.
  • Perfect for gradual anal training.
  • Easy to insert.
  • Provides an wonderful fulfilling feeling.
  • With a wide base for a secure fit.
  • Soft Touch texture.

Perfect for gradual anal training.

3-piece butt plug set with a wonderful soft texture. The different sizes are perfect for gradual anal training. The plugs are extremely easy to insert because of their cone shape and they provide a very fulfilling feeling. With an extra large base for secure fit. They are really easy to use.

Plug 1: complete length 8.5 cm, Ø 3 cm.

Plug 2: complete length 8.9 cm, Ø 4 cm.

Plug 3: complete length 10 cm, Ø 4.6 cm.

Silicone with a PU coating.

Code: 695-23J-A97

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