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The Lube is FFäusten’s signature 100% Polyethylene Oxide powder based lubricant.  It was developed with a granule size that helps prevent clumping and molecular weight to create that soft, silky feeling and it is exclusively ours.

The Lube has been designed specifically for Fisting and Toy Play, and like our other innovative products, we've redesigned the packaging with our fellow FFister’s in mind.  The Lube’s jar has a wide opening and a 5cc scoop to make measuring and mixing easier, cleaner, and more precise. Every batch will be just the way you like it.  Add The Lube to water and it produces a slippery, clear gel.  

One bottle of The Lube contains 120g/4.2oz of The Lube powder and makes about 4-5 gallons (approx. 20 liters), thick enough for fisting or toy play.  

Safe for use with condoms, latex gloves, toys, and neoprene. 

Mixing Instructions:  The Lube will take about 30 minutes to fully mix so prepare in advance. 

Fill FFäusten’s Lube bottle with 8 – 16oz of filtered, room temperature water and add The Lube powder.  First the water, then The Lube.

We recommend one level scoop (one teaspoon) of The Lube per 8 ounces of water. This ratio will mix a nice thick consistency for fisting or large toy play but adjust the amount of The Lube and water to cater to your personal preferences.  

Tightly close The Lube Bottle and shake for 10-20 seconds. Let sit for 10 minutes. Shake for another 10-20 seconds and let it sit again for another 20 minutes. 

The Lube will be good for up to two weeks without refrigeration.

Ingredients: Polyethylene Oxide

Caution:  The Lube is extremely slippery when mixed, so clean up spills quickly.   While The Lube is non-toxic, if irritation occurs, stop use and seek medical attention. 

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