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Leather Bondage Belts, Set of 5

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Get your boy tied down nice and tight with this set of 5 Bondage Belts. Once you get him strapped in, he’ll have no place to go. Made from heavy latigo leather so he can struggle all he wants. Dual notches throughout the entire length of the belt mean you get multiple levels of adjustability allowing you to use these on those super skinny boys as well as those huge muscle bears.

Simpler to use than rope since there are no knots to tie so you can get to your scene quicker. Restrain your boy to a pole or just wrap them around his body and place him on the bed sleepsack style. These make for a perfect travel restraint set since they’re lighter and less bulky than a sleepsack and their simple belt design won’t raise any eyebrows as you’re passing through security.

This set of 5 belts includes varying sizes: two 80” belts for the upper body, two 60” belts for the waist and thighs, and one 40” belt for the ankles.

Code: 425-22B-V58

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