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Leather Shoulder to Wrist Restraint

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This is a classic bondage piece that’s sexy as hell. Mr S Leather Shoulder to Wrist Restraint holds your hands tight behind your back while exposing your chest. Strategically placed locking posts keep you locked in tight. No amount of struggling is going to get you out.

This restraint set includes two shoulder straps, instead of a neck collar like some older designs, to secure your wrists tightly behind your back. The wrist cuffs have locking buckles and the strap from shoulder to wrist is adjustable and features a locking post as well. This allows the wrists to be pulled up high. Everything locks so there is no escape, no matter how hard your boy tries to break free. Extremely comfortable for long-term bondage.

Very adjustable. One size fits most.

Code: 366-22B-U26

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