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Lockable Bondage Dog Muzzle, Leather, Black

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This dog muzzle is for those good or bad boys that want to take their puppy play to the next level. Mr S Leather combined the heavy bondage elements of our head harnesses and the fun, quirky nature of our puppy muzzles to create something truly fantastic.

Each of these muzzles is composed of several pieces:

  • 1 base head harness
  • 1 detachable dog snout
  • 2 detachable and adjustable puppy ears
  • 1 bone shaped snap-on gag
  • 2 different snap-on blindfolds

A strong latigo leather is used to give the muzzle structure and durability. Combine this with 4 locking buckles and your sex dog won’t be escaping until you’re done with him.

If your bad boy is getting too vocal, just snap on the attachable bone-shaped gag. For extra fun, attach one of the two included blindfolds to limit or impair your dog’s vision. If you need quick access to your sex dog’s mouth, just remove the detachable snout and feed your bad boy your bone.

This hood was designed for heavy players, and we guarantee you and your dog will love this hood.

One size fits most. Locks not included.

Code: 288-22B-N45

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