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Spunk Silicone Lube, 236ml

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Want some extra Spunk during playtime with your boy toy? We recommend this stunning, slick lube for anal sex, masturbation, massage and for use with silicone compatible sex toys. Spunk has a smooth formula that makes sex more of a playtime. Pure Silicone is Non-drying and has an infinite shelf life since it doesn’t contain any water or additives. It’s pure silicone. Each Bold bottle features the bold Spunk written boldly in glow-in-the-dark style green. Contains 8 fluid ounces of the gorgeous Spunk Lube formula.

  • Made of 100% pure silicone.
  • It contains no glycerine, parabens, fragrance, door, taste, or chemicals.
  • No additives or fillers.
  • Safe on your skin and its safe to use with condoms, leather, latex, neoprene, silicone, and all materials.
  • Does not stain.
  • Hypo-allergenic.
  • 236ml.

Code: 998-24A-R72

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