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Open Chin Leather Hood, Blindfold

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When you want a hood to suck cock in, this is it. Many of Mr S Leather deluxe hoods have an Open Mouth, but even with an open mouth, you can't always open your mouth wide enough to actually suck cock because the integrity of the chin holds your mouth in place. So they have made this our "Open Chin Hood, as well as an open mouth.

Fully lined in leather. This luxurious, heavier version of the Tight Hood feels sensational. Styled in black, glove weight leather. Outside seams are covered by the lining and the interior surface is soft and smooth.

Seven pairs of cinch rings allow it to be laced tightly. A fully covered back vent means hair will stay out of laces and the head is fully covered as soon as the hood is dropped over the head. This hood option comes with no eye holes, which still cuts out all light even with such an open mouth and chin area.

The hood does not come with an attached collar.

Hood Sizing

  • Brow: 21" - 22" (53 - 56 cm)
  • Neck: 15.5" - 16.5" (39.4 - 42 cm)
  • Chin Over Crown: 25.5" - 26.5" (64.8 - 67.3 cm)

Code: 223-23F-R57

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