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Sveinn the Buck

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Sveinn is a curvaceous creature and an excellent toy for beginners as well as more experienced toy users. This toy features girth and a generous, lightly textured shaft. Sveinn's tapered head allows for easier insertion, and as you work your way down its slightly curved shaft to its radial ring, you will find yourself deeply filled. All of this sits atop a sturdy base simulating the look of fur-textured balls that are perfect for grinding, adding another level of pleasure.

Firmness Number 5 / Medium (see guide). It is the middle ground of bad dragon firmness options. It's somewhat more difficult to compress than 3 firmness, but does not bend as much on its own. Some models will still have difficulty standing on their own (due to top-heaviness) but most are more stable than in Soft firmness.


Dimensions Small Medium Large Extra Large
Circumference of Lower Shaft (inches) 6.5 8.75 10.75 13.75
Circumference of Medial Ring (inches) 5.63 7.5 8.75 11.5
Circumference of Upper Shaft (inches) 5.5 6.75 8.63 10.5
Diameter of Lower Shaft (inches) 2 2.88 3.75 4.38
Diameter of Medial Ring (inches) 1.88 2.44 3.13 3.69
Diameter of Upper Shaft (inches) 1.75 2.25 2.88 3.38
Total Length (inches) 8.75 11.5 14 17
Usable Length (inches) 7.25 9.75 12 14.25

Code: 838-23F-G53

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