Bad Dragon

Echo's Horn

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Prepare yourself for an experience in sensation, as this ridged Horn is just that. Upon entry from the tapered and slightly curved shaft of the Horn to its base, you will experience every ridge of pleasure. This toy is bound to be a wild ride from entry to exit, unlike any you may experience. With various sizes available, this could easily work well for a beginner up to an advanced user.

Firmness Number 5 / Medium (see guide). It is the middle ground of bad dragon firmness options. It's somewhat more difficult to compress than 3 firmness, but does not bend as much on its own. Some models will still have difficulty standing on their own (due to top-heaviness) but most are more stable than in Soft firmness.


Dimensions Small Medium Large Extra Large
Circumference of Base (inches) 11.5 14.13 17.19 20.13
Circumference of Bottom (inches) 8.38 10.13 12.38 14.25
Circumference of Middle (inches) 7.5 9 10.5 12.38
Circumference of Top (inches) 3 3.5 4.25 4.75
Diameter of Base (inches) 3.56 4.5 5.44 6.25
Diameter of Bottom (inches) 2.63 3.31 3.94 4.56
Diameter of Middle (inches) 2.38 3.19 3.5 3.94
Diameter of Top (inches) 0.81 1.06 1.31 1.63
Total Length (inches) 9.25 11.88 14 16.25
Usable Length (inches) 8 10 12 13.88

Code: 374-23F-T46

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