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Introducing the Chance Sheath! This new Bad Dragon® wearable is ready to please you and that special someone with experiences catered to both users. Whether it’s the tantalizing, subtle internal texture for the wearer, or the gentle, girthy shaft that excites the lucky recipient, our Chance Sheath is sure to deliver. Slip on something new today, and get your Chance Sheath now!

Firmness: Soft - 3 firmness. It is the most yielding firmness Bad Dragon have available for dildos and sheaths. It compresses and bends very easily. Some models such as Chance will have difficulty remaining upright on their own in this firmness.

Dimensions One-size
External Circumference of Head (inches) 6
External Circumference of Shaft (inches) 6
External Diameter of Head (inches) 1.94
External Diameter of Shaft (inches) 1.71
External Total Length (inches) 6.75
External Usable Length (inches) 5.5
Internal Circumference of Shaft (inches) 3.75
Internal Diameter of Shaft (inches) 1.16
Internal Total/Usable Length (inches) 5.75

Code: 496-22J-L57

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