Rubber Warranty


Our 12 month warranty gives you peace of mind concerning defects and product faults. Should you experience any quality issues please get in touch with our Customer Service Team.

Terms of Warranty

  • This quality warranty covers manufacturing or hardware faults (buckles, snaps, zips) where the item was unable to withstand acceptable occasional use.
  • Acceptable use implies a well-fitted garment, stored in a dry dark environment.
  • Warranty excludes light damage except in cases where we have been informed within 14 days of receipt that light damage is visible.
  • Warranty is void in cases where the original garment has been repaired by a third party.
  • The warranty does not cover accidental damage (eg rips, tears, holes) however this may occur, and is not transferable to any other person or purchase.
  • UK orders will have return shipping included however you may be required to ship the garment back to us initially at your own expense, to be reimbursed later.
  • International orders will not have shipping, customs fees, taxes or duties included, however, we will cover the cost of shipping repaired goods back to you from the UK. You will still be liable for any local customs fees, taxies or duties that are payable.