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Dragon Canes, 90cm

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Ours Dragon Canes come in single 1m lengths and are avaiilable in three diamaters:

  • 6/8mm
  • 8/10mm
  • 10/12mm 

Grade A quality. Rounded by hand.

Dragon Rattan is the cream of the crop when it comes to rattan cane varieties used in canes for BDSM. This particularly dense variety of rattan is prized for its strength, flexibility and weight which combine to give it a serious hand feel. Dragon rattan also grows with far fewer nodes than most other varieties of cane meaning these canes are usually supplied with 2 or less nodes per length.The cane's dense fibres are also very resistant to splintering and allow you to cleanly shorten your canes to a preferred length. We recommend lightly sanding the cut ends of your cane after shortening.

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