EMBOSSY American Leather Boots

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41 (7UK) / CALF L
42 (8UK) / CALF XL
43 (9UK) / CALF L
  • Beautifully handcrafted in Spain
  • Lustre-finish natural leather

Those high quality boots are inspired by the leather patrol boots used to ride a motorcycle as well as by horsemen. They are designed to cover both activities without losing their functionality and elegance. The material which they are made of provides additional brightness and the comfort insole makes sure you can wear them for long periods.

Made in Spain with high quality materials and a Good-Year welted sole.

Size EU/UK 41/7 42/8 43/9
HEIGHT: 43 cm 44 cm 45 cm
CALF L: 40.5 cm 41 cm 42 cm
TOP CIRC. L: 40.5 cm 41 cm 42 cm
CALF XL: 42 cm 43 cm 44 cm
TOP CIRC. XL: 42 cm 43 cm 44 cm

Code: 684-23K-Y57

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