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Super Soft Graphite

Another one in the ever growing Tusk family. 

This one follows Tusk much like Baby Elephant followed Elephant. 

Dino offers the opportunity to stretch without having to work through the issues of deep penetration. Being only 7″ tall, the bulk of the toy stays in the rectum and doesn’t go beyond the second sphincter. 

The short curve even lends itself well to some intense prostate stimulation. 

Dino is smooth on the sides with only slight texture on the ends. 

Same great design considerations as all in the Tusk family: oval cross-section, wide ample base for stability, gentle nubs and underside ripples.


  • Height 7" / 18cm 
  • Circ 7" / 17.5  - 11" / 28cm

Code: P-01502

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