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Andre the Mammoth

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Andre is Bad Dragon's largest toy yet, appropriately, because Andre is a Mammoth. Coming in at 20” total length (16” usable length) and weighing in at just over 16 pounds, you can believe our 2XL Mammoth is our largest-sized toy yet. With an available size range from Mini to 2XL, Andre can work for those who cannot accommodate a 2XL. Great for those who like the idea of a textured Mammoth but in a much smaller version, or stretch up to a 2XL for those who like it big, and it honestly does not get bigger than Andre currently. A true giant and our first major release of 2024, shadowing our catalog of XL toys in comparison. Begin your largest adventure to date with Andre today and expand beyond the bounds of any fantasy you have experienced before.

Dimensions Small Medium Large Extra Large
Circumference of Base (inches) 11.13 15.56 18.5 23.25
Circumference of Head (inches) 3.19 3.88 5 6.13
Circumference of Shaft (inches) 7.13 9.63 11.38 14.31
Diameter of Base (inches) 3.63 4.81 6.25 7.5
Diameter of Head (inches) 1 1.44 1.81 2.13
Diameter of Shaft (inches) 2.38 3.06 3.81 4.63
Total Length (inches) 7.88 10.63 13.19 15.75
Usable Length (inches) 6.56 9 11 13.06

Code: 645-24E-A87

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