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These beautiful premium pins from Master of the House are made from hard enamel. Matt black with a shiny gold finish.

Each 3.5cm tall pin has it's unique number laser etched on the back and only a limited number of each pin has been produced. Find your fetishes or collect them all. Discreet coding for kinksters.

The fist pin shows a classic fisting lube tub, very much like the original Crisco tub, an icon within the fisting community. The tub features a fist in the center, making it a perfect addition to any fist aficionado gear. This pin can signal to others that you are a fist bottom looking for a hand or a fist top that loves some hands-in action! It will definitely start a conversation!

The perfect gift for any fist pig, fist-positive, loves-to-watch-fisting-porn friend or partner of yours! It’s the gift that tells them that you know exactly who they are and that you wouldn’t change it!

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