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Heavy Duty Whipping Bench with Head Recess

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This all leather whipping bench has a two piece powder coated steel box section base which provides rigidity but also enables the base section to be removed by four bolts for transportation. This version features a U shaped head recess for the face

Overall size is 125cm long x 50cm wide x 80cm high, but with the base structure removed, the height is reduced to 45cm making it possible it to fit into most hatchback cars or pass through a ceiling loft hatch. The open splayed legs, sloped padded stomach plate and padded chest plate make it comfortable for long term sessions and provide access to the genitals. Four straps at the wrists and biceps secure both arms, while four straps at the ankles and calfs and two straps at the thigh secure both legs. A shaped back pad secures the torso and protects the kidneys from reckless mishaps.

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