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This small or large Tree can be a challenge for many due to the two lowest humps being essentially the same size around. This puts a big challenge on the second sphincter to open up enough for that 2nd from bottom hump to get through. So you’ve been warned!

This is a type of toy that seems very common in most toy lines and continued requests convinced me to develop a few in silicone. Great for hole play and that popping feeling. I particularly like the medium sized one for helping during clean out, since the two small cones at the tip help to begin coaxing me open deep inside.

I was sure to develop these so they could stand on their own in the Firmer Black, the SuperSoft needs a hand but holds its own and doesn’t flop around once you’ve got it started.



  • Height 9" / 22.5cm
  • Circ Hump 1: 4.2" / 10.5cm
  • Hump 2: 5.3" / 13.5cm
  • Hump 3: 6.9" / 17.5cm


  • Height 14.5" / 37cm
  • Circ Hump 1: 4.7" / 12cm
  • Hump 2: 7" / 18cm
  • Hump 3: 9.7" / 25cm
  • Hump 4: 10.2" / 26cm

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