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Acorn Plug

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Super Soft Bronze

A tried and tested design from SquarePegToys® for stretching and stretch training. As a set they all work together to get you up to 11″. The ridge massages the sphincter in a sublime way once you’re relaxed a bit, might be a bit much for some, while the narrow neck and slim base give it a great tight full feeling inside. Not made over 6″ / 15cm tall so that it fits entirely within the rectum without penetrating the inner sphincter.

The Acorns are entirely different toys in each material. For example, in SuperSoft the ridge is less aggressive and can be taken more easily.  The Large compresses just enough to warm up to it and then expands out fully once you're more relaxed.  The Graphite is more aggressive right out of the gate.  Something to think of when ordering your size.

Height 6" • Circ 7.5" - 8.5"
Height 15.5cm • Circ 19cm - 21.5cm

Height 6" • Circ 8.5" - 9.2"
Height 15cm • Circ 21.5cm - 23.5cm

Height 6.2" • Circ 9.2" - 9.8"
Height 16cm • Circ 23.5cm - 25cm

Height 5.5" • Circ 9.8" - 11.2"
Height 14cm • Circ 25cm - 28.5cm

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