Double Rigid Irons

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Fetters™ Combination of rigid wrist and ankle irons. With hands and feet clamped in one un-bendable strip the victim (whether standing or sitting) soon begins to discover just how flexible the human body is ..... or isn't!

These manacles are uncoated so will naturally look weathered over time. Any discolouration or rust can simply be removed with a scourer. 

Locks using a screw and hex key mechanism. 

Taking Care of Steel Restraints

If you you choose steel restraints that are uncoated, a natural thin layer of rust will eventually develop on the surface as they oxidise over time. They’ll still be perfectly functional for many years ahead. If you don’t desire this aesthetic, you can help prevent this by lightly oiling the surface in between uses. You can also use a heavy of industrial scourer to rub away any surface rust.

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