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Fat Boy, Micro Ribbed Sheath, 5.5"

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Weare thrilled to introduce the new Fat BoyMicro Rib Sheath in three size options with all new packaging.

Like our original Fat Boy cock sheath, but with a new textured surface.

Addsnoticeable girth to your cock without being too much for your partner to handle. Made of super softand stretchy SilaSkin, it is designed to give both partners intense, eye-rolling pleasure.

Wash thoroughly with mild soap and water.

  • Dimensions package 21 x 8 x 8 cm
  • Weight package 200 gram
  • Product dimensions 16 x 6 x 6 cm
  • Product weight 120,00 gram
  • Product diameter 12,5 cm
  • Insertable length 12,0 cm
  • Waterproof Yes
  • Splashproof Yes
  • Phthalate free Yes
  • Specifications Textured Finish Adds 0.7" Girth
  • Materials SilaSkin (TPR/Silicone)

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