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Buttballs, Black Ice

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Combine a cocksling, one of our most popular stretchy cock cages, with a series of seriously smooth, fleshy and squidgy anal balls and you get the Buttballs.

With the plug linked to your junk, every motion will exert satisfying tugging on both ends. Feel the plug wriggle inside your butt and the cage tighten around your junk.

Buttballs is made from Oxballs' own PLUS+SILICONE™, which is a blend of TPR and silicone. It feels great next to skin and is very durable, stretchy and fleshy. Great for play times or prolonged wear, this material is compatible with both silicon and water-based lubes, so you can use your favourite one.


  • Entire length: 38cm (15in)
  • Length between sling and plug: 15cm (6in)
  • Butt plug length: 21.5cm (8.5in)
  • Usable circumefrence: 11.5cm (5.4in)
  • Weight: 187g (6.5oz)

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