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Kiotos Penis Stick Plug 42 x 7 mm

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The inside of the urethra is densely packed with nerve endings and a very sensitive and intense area, making it excellent for intimate play. No wonder that urethral play has been growing more and more popular in recent years.

Made out of 100% silicone, the Kiotos range is perfect for urethral/sounding play. It's rigid enough to provide amazing sensations while being soft enough to gently slide in and out and flexible enough to adapt to your own anatomy rather than the other way round.

Safety: since these Penis Sticks do not go too deep into the penis, playing 100% sterile is not an absolute prerequisite with these, but of course: playing hygienic remains important as it is with all urethral toys. Wash your hands, use surgical gloves, use toy cleaner to disinfect the toy before use, do not share toys without intermediate cleaning and use clean medical class lubricant (waterbased).

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