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Combination Dungeon & Stretching Rack

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The Fetters™ Combination Dungeon is a complete and customisable play-space solution with a stretching rack as a primary building block. Optional additions include gantries, leg stirrups, cage and a whipping frame. This piece of bondage furniture is Fetters' most versatile and comprehensive design. 

Cage/Table Dimentions: 114cm long x 61cm wide x 80cm high (45" x 24" x 31.5")
Total Cage/Table & Extensions Dimentions: 229cm long x 61cm wide x 80cm high (90" x 24" x 31.5")
Extensions: 58cm long each (22.75")
Gantry Height: 186cm (73"). 

All measurements are +/-1cm

The primary structure is formed by a central 115cm x 60cm table section. Two demountable extension sections each approx 60cm long are bolted on to each end of the central table to form the body of the stretching rack. Padded ankle restraints are fixed to one extension and wrist restraints attached to a worm drive winch are fixed to the other, providing the facility to stretch the victim as desired (it is recommended that extreme caution is used as over tensioning could cause long term damage).

The top of the rack is covered by three padded leather panels, the centre one having an access panel for genital play. 10mm diameter steel bars are welded along both sides of the center and extension sections which provide anchorage for rope bondage or a body strap set (sold separately).

It offers almost everything you would expect in a professionally equipped dungeon, the facility for confinement, bondage, flogging, medical play, C&B/Nipple torture, there is not much you cannot do with this fabulous piece of equipment! The entire system also flat packs to fit into a people carrier or estate car and can be assembled in less than 30 minutes.

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