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Wall Table with Folding Legs

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Designed for use where space is limited, the table can be stored upright against the wall, and used in any one of five positions, vertical, at angles of approx 75/60/45 degrees or in a horizontal position.

It is suitable for use both as a bondage table and a whipping frame. Constructed from 25mm black powder coated steel flat welded within a 25x25mm box section frame, it slides in two vertical channels fixed to the wall and is held in the desired position by a pair of steel staples.

Overall size is 200cm long x 53cm wide with a steel rail running down each side for securing rope or straps.

Four heavy D rings, one in each corner, make it suitable for use in conjunction with a suspension frame.

Folding legs at one end drop down to support the table when in the horizontal position and four padded leather boards are included, making it comfortable for long term bondage scenarios.

Furniture can be shipped worldwide but we'd need to quote a shipping rate based on your location. Please contact us for a quote.

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