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Crackers Sheath

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Crackers' Sheath is sure to make you a king among shapeshifters with its girth and thickness! It’s studded with soft bumps and nubs both inside and out, plated on the bottom, and it features a new iteration of our improved ball strap, designed for both comfort and snugness, finally leading out into an open tip to keep all the sensations for your own head as you wear this Wereable! Shift into something thick and sensational, check out our Crackers' Sheath today. Two sizes are available to accommodate a variety of users.

Firmness: Soft - 3 firmness. It is the most yielding firmness Bad Dragon have available for dildos and sheaths. It compresses and bends very easily. Some models such as Chance will have difficulty remaining upright on their own in this firmness.

Dimensions Small Medium
External Circumference of Thickest (inches) 7.25 7.75
External Circumference of Thinnest (inches) 6.35 6.75
External Diameter of Thickest (inches) 2.42 2.6
External Diameter of Thinnest (inches) 2.03 2.17
External Usable Length (inches) 4.25 5
Internal Circumference of Shaft (inches) 3.66 4
Internal Diameter of Shaft (inches) 1.25 1.34
Internal Usable Length (inches) 4 5

Code: 856-22J-T69

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