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PVC Butcher's Apron, White

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Be nasty and have it show with the PVC Butcher’s Apron White. This all-white apron is amazing for getting into some nasty playtime with a willing bottom who, like you, loves to see the mess they make. Create the butcher look with rubber gloves and whatever tools needed to make your partner squirm in ecstatic terror.

This apron has a completely adjustable neck strap so you can wear it higher or lower, great for folks of all heights and sizes as the torso strap is quite long on both ends, so anyone can be a dirty pervert with this on.

It’s very easy to wipe the apron clean with soap and water, but just like you, it gets better with wear and age.

Size: 120/80 cm

[Code: 975-22C-Y94]

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