XTRM Slinger, Sling Frame Bottle Holder and Inhaler

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XTRM® Slinger is the perfect addition to any sling. It can be attached to any sling, chair, or table leg with a circumference of up to 5 cm. With its flexible 100 cm long hose, XTRM® Slinger ensures maximum airflow and guarantees you an unforgettable experience.

XTRM® Slinger holds 4 different bottle sizes, so you can choose your aroma according to your preferences. The high-quality and well-thought-out design make it the perfect companion for your best adventures.

You have the power to push your boundaries and discover a new dimension of pleasure withXTRM® Slinger.

Be prepared for explosive encounters and unforgettable moments full of passion. A revolutionary toy to get your on a high.

The hose is 100cm long (39 inch), for maximum flexibility and freedom of movement.

Code: 594-23H-R66

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